We bring together multidisciplinary teams to address the sustainable development goals and nurture collective wellbeing.

About Us

People, Planet or Profit – why chose one?


We at SenseTribe believe that these are not only interconnected concepts, but different names for the same thing – collective wellbeing.


We are a women-led, multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals that teamed up to help address the Sustainable Development Goals and make collective wellbeing a reality, for us as individuals, our tribe and the ecosystem we are part of.


Work areas

Communication Communication

We help to tell stories that matter and bring people together around some of the most important issues we face today.



Communication Communication

We bring together multidisciplinary teams to address the world's most complex sustainability problems.



Communication Communication
Learning Spaces

We nurture wellbeing, participation / creativity in organisations and institutions to create space for authenticity & innovation.



Communication Communication

We inspire creative problem-solving, give complex issues shape & form and visually capture conversations that matter.



The Tribe

We are scientists, journalists, business consultants, process facilitators, editors, psychologists, communication strategists, educators and designers with different nationalities, locations, world visions, passions and lifestyles.

Mira Bangel
Mira Bangel
Process Facilitation & Sociocracy 3.0
Raffaella Toticchi
Raffaella Toticchi
Digital Communications

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